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Reading through comic archives is fun, but usually quite time consuming. Sometime last year I was thinking that an archived comic each day that XKCD didn't have a new one would be a great way to read through the archives on an ongoing basis. I looked a couple times, but never saw anyone else doing that. Yesterday I finally got around to writing the scripts to grab and post the appropriate data, and published a Daily XKCD Archive feed. Each regular non-posting day the next comic in the archive is posted, providing some form of XKCD comic daily. Provided the current posting schedule is kept it should catch up to current comics in about 3 years, at which point it'll start at the beginning again. Hopefully other people will enjoy this feed too.

By Brent Nordquist on 2008/01/14 at 05:51:39

Sweet! Thanks Jeremy; added to my RSS reader.

By babada on 2008/01/14 at 12:28:31

Cool. I have not subscribed to a comic in a long time but this seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up. :)

By Pete on 2008/01/14 at 19:36:00

You should do some HTML scraping and grab the title attribute from the image tag and display that as a caption. That way, we can all avoid the annoying mouse hover and certain OS'es that think we're done reading.

By Jeremy on 2008/01/14 at 20:05:05

Which browser/OS combo still has trouble with the image titles? I have all the data separated (it's stored in a database), so I can modify the feed. Currently it's emulating the format of the original as much as possible, but I'll think about changing it.

By Pete on 2008/01/23 at 18:35:35

On IE7 in XP the image title is only displays for a few seconds, which usually is not enough time to read some of them.

By Jeremy on 2008/01/23 at 22:06:46

Crazy corporate browser/software policies (at least I'm assuming that's why you're running the combo). You haven't succeeded in convincing the boss to buy you a Mac? The feed will now have it as plain text (starting with tomorrow's entry).