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Most compelling Christmas gift

I was told I needed to retrieve a present left for me, and that the person wanted to know my reaction. Can you guess who gave this to me?

World of Warcraft

I've repeatedly been told I need to try it for a long time now (at least a year) by Nick and others, and I guess this is the next step in that process. I've never been a gamer, but apparently I look like one (or at least like I would know what Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A-Start meant - an area in which you apparently failed, JoeBuck).

By bleaus on 2008/01/04 at 08:12:05

Don't give in to the temptation my good sir. Instead, buy more fun games or consoles. Perhaps I can interest you in the Wii.

By Jeremy on 2008/01/04 at 11:56:22

I've played the Wii, and didn't find it all that interesting. The controllers are interesting, but playing games with them not so much. I'm too much of a nerd apparently.

By babada on 2008/01/07 at 16:47:41

Have you seen Johnny Chung Lee's work? He has some cool Wiimote hacks.

By Jeremy on 2008/01/07 at 18:20:55

Yea, that and some other similar demos I've seen are what came to mind. It'll be interesting to see what his work does to the computing input market.

By JoeBuck on 2008/01/04 at 12:14:55

Whoaaaa, wait. When did I fail at the konami code (it's not just the contra code)?
That being said, if you're going to actually play for a month, let me know. I could be talked into rolling with you to make it more fun.
I've been trying to stay on the wagon but you playing might be the straw that'd push me back in.

By Jeremy on 2008/01/04 at 12:29:47

At New Year's. Someone came up to me and asked "Do you know what ... means?" I replied that I hadn't heard that in years, but yea. Then "I thought you would" and a something about how she didn't think anybody else at the party knew, and returned to playing the guitar. I tried to point out that you would know as well, but she seemed to doubt that fact.

By JoeBuck on 2008/01/04 at 12:39:04

Ah, fair enough.
There were easily 20 - 30 people there that had never met me. And some of the people know me as the more bearded half of the "Joe & Travis" experience, which rarely delves into video games or nerdy things at all. (Travis tries to keep me in line during social settings).
Although, this other travis and I did have a chat about a star trek convention a while back...

By brooke on 2008/01/04 at 12:21:44

gotta confess - i'm playing again. :)

let me know if you're gonna play and i will join you, as well...the world needs more hunters.

By TheNick on 2008/01/04 at 23:20:05

Hahahaha! My plan for world domination is coming along quite nicely.

By babada on 2008/01/07 at 16:49:32

I finally stopped playing WoW a little while back and have not regretted it. It was fun, but too much of a time sink for me to be happy with myself for playing it.

I have not played much in terms of video games since, but we just got Rock Band so we shall see how that works out. :)

By brooke on 2008/01/08 at 13:03:28

ADAM! can i come and visit? do you need a roommate? i've got a cat, but i'm sure i can teach him to play the drums or bass or something....maybe sing?

i LOVE LOVE LOVE rock band, but don't own anything that will play the game.... (sad for me!!)

By JoeBuck on 2008/01/08 at 14:20:52

McDonnell, just drop $500 to pick up a 360 and rock band. Just pretend like you needed a spare iphone :)

By jeff on 2008/01/09 at 09:18:08

I'm thinking about doing something similar for gh rock the 80s. Two words... Holy Diver.