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On Pets

This kind of pet would be fun.


Cheap GPS

My first thought on seeing Monday's XKCD was that would likely be an interesting twist on geocaching or location-based games.


Daily XKCD

Reading through comic archives is fun, but usually quite time consuming. Sometime last year I was thinking that an archived comic each day that XKCD didn't have a new one would be a great way to read through the archives on an ongoing basis. I looked a couple times, but never saw anyone else doing that. Yesterday I finally got around to writing the scripts to grab and post the appropriate data, and published a Daily XKCD Archive feed. Each regular non-posting day the next comic in the archive is posted, providing some form of XKCD comic daily. Provided the current posting schedule is kept it should catch up to current comics in about 3 years, at which point it'll start at the beginning again. Hopefully other people will enjoy this feed too.


River Tam beats up everyone

I'd go see it.

I actually just watched Serenity again this weekend, and also ordered the Collector's Edition DVD (which supposedly shipped early this morning, but which seems questionable to me). Maybe Joss just figured out how to easily push sales, but if there's any possible truth to the rumor that a sequel is tied to the sales of the CE disc...


Godwin's Law is expanded include other events. xkcd on Reno Rhymes.

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