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So found this in a /. article, and thought it was really cool. Petals Around the Rose.

Update: The original link appears to be broken. This link from JoeBuck appears to still be working.

By Kruck on 2005/10/16 at 18:00:21

My grades in school would have come eaiser if every test was like that. Seems like fodder for discrete.

By Austin on 2005/10/16 at 21:48:37

Yeah, I must be thinking to hard about it. Maybe I thought to hard on discrete too. That could explain a lot of things.

By JoeBuck on 2005/10/17 at 10:53:41

I found this link easier:
only because of the story about Bill Gates and some of the things said in the narrative.

By brooke on 2005/10/17 at 11:04:39

i thought it was interesting...took me a few minutes, and then i read the name of the game again. :)

By Jeremy on 2005/10/17 at 11:16:06

Yea, it's definitely one of those that you get it when you realize that trying to logically solve it is crazy and you're thinking too hard. That BG thing is funny - it was mentioned in the /. comment that pointed me to it. I like the ideas of multiple colored dice though.

By babada on 2005/10/18 at 10:57:21

oh dang, well that had me confused for a while.

then it clicked.


By babada on 2007/07/06 at 10:17:55

... I have since been teasing many friends with five dice. No one has figured it out yet because they usually have to leave before too long.

I am sure it is driving some people out there crazy. :)

By Jeremy on 2007/07/06 at 11:29:32

That is the cool part about this game - you don't need the computer. Unfortunately that means you need to sit there actively paying attention while they try to figure it out, and start thinking you're making things up rather than being programmatic.

By bleaus on 2007/07/06 at 17:23:59

It's still driving me crazy. I should look at it again.

By on 2005/11/22 at 01:04:21

By Cullen on 2006/10/14 at 22:13:45

It took me about 2 days to get that figured out (Sometime last semester) and it took my friend about an hour. Oh well.

It was the name, but it didn't just click because of it.

By Jeremy on 2009/11/22 at 13:23:10

I found the original link was broken, and have updated it with a link to the one JoeBuck mentioned.