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Free movie of the week was Crash, which was definitely a good one-time watch. It brings up interesting points in an interesting way. It's not designed to entertain, thus the not being one to watch over and over. Other events of Monday involved taking apart the sub to figure out why it hasn't been working for the past several weeks. After taking out the 12 large screws holding the amp to the back of the box, I discover that it's also solidly glued on. I guess it makes sense, but a bit of a pain. So off to the other side and take out the ring of screws around the driver. Luckily I could reach in through there to the amp board, and found a fuse for each rail of the power supply that blew. After work on Tuesday I picked up replacements but of course forgot to check fast/slow, so got fast-blow to be safe. Turns out the originals look like slow-blow, and I blew two more during a buzz and rattle test before I had it set back down to sane levels. It did give me a good set point for the compressor so I'm unlikely to blow any more fuses, which is good. I also found one of my equalizers apparently is bad, which I'm suspecting may have been one of the causes (it was actually shorting out the signal on the entire sub/LFE chain). I need to track that down now and be sure it didn't do more damage, since the transducers don't seem to be acting quite right either but it wasn't noticable with the sub gone. Anyways, it's so nice to have it back, and since I had it out I moved it out of the corner which should help stuff too. There's so much with subtle low bass these days that you wonder how it didn't seem horribly wrong with it missing.

Anyways, I seem to have gotten half the office either annoyed at or wondering about the "smarter you are..." part of the Petals game. Such fun. :) I seem to also be shocking pictures with an old pic I pulled out, which is sorta funny. A coworker is also convinced that facebook is of the devil and/or no good can come of it, which only means that everyone is tormenting him about getting on it now. He doesn't seem to believe that I had nothing to do with that either for some reason. Question for you guys, should I start confirming the random friend requests I'm getting from random people who I don't know who look at my profile? I'm torn between laughing a them trying to figure out how it happened, and not wanting to deal with them complaining to me about it. Opinions? OK, enough of the semi-sadistic side - it's time for sleep.

By bleaus on 2005/10/19 at 19:41:08

I still haven't given into the dark side yet, so I guess I don't really have any comment on that.

By babada on 2005/10/20 at 11:00:22

profile? what profile?

they are complaining? i feel i'm missing an important piece to this...

By Jeremy on 2005/10/20 at 11:12:44

facebook profile. They aren't complaining yet, but I haven't confirmed the requests yet either.

By JoeBuck on 2005/10/28 at 11:08:37

Mooney, you need to write about how sweet Serenity was ;)