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Sometimes I just have better things to do than update. Like nothing. Sometime shortly after the last update things blew up at work. Then as soon as or shortly before one thing would be fixed something else would break. I don't really remember the order or anything anymore - the whole few weeks turned into a blur, with pretty much solid work and not much sleep. Things have pretty much recovered now, although there's still plenty to do, but at least I get to leave on time. At least most of the time. Tonight I get to take stuff down at 10pm, so I just stayed the whole time, spent a bit cleaning the office, upgraded one of our fileservers by 800GB (hot swap is so nice - it means I can get out of here sooner), and am gonna be upgrading the RAID card firmware and applying patches on an Exchange server in a bit. Such is life. I think I need to start planning some time to do something else though.

In case you haven't figured them out or been sent links already, I went to a couple weddings and have pictures up online. First is Betsy & Pete, second is Ross & Lindsey. There's also pictures from Ross' bachelor party up on the pics page. Other weekends included my brother's white coat ceremony for med school, and then one of trying to relax. This weekend I may see about wiring my house in anticipation of filling the attic with insulation due to the gas price thing predicted for the winter and insulation being on sale. I think I'll go 2xCAT-5, 2xRG-6QS, and 1xSCAT-5 to each plate, mostly one per room except for some big ones. I think that should cover things pretty well.

Movies have been somewhat lacking although there's been some good ones. Raadt and I have been taking advantage of the free redbox movies on Mondays in October to get some. I also have all the netflix, and Firefly courtesy of the JoeBuck. That's a sweet show. Much better than the 24 I had been watching. Other movies were The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which was good, Hotel Rwanda which was also good, and Brazil which I thought sucked.

Today the aforementioned webmaster noticed the /. article on the MySpace XSS worm, leading to a discussion on it since he's just been working with AJAX interfaces and stuff. After the discussion about how they deserved it for pretty much ignoring stuff that everyone knew about, we started thinking about whether other places had vulnerabilities. Due to schdav's recent activity the one that immediately came to mind was facebook. We poked a bit but it seems they've actually locked it down quite decently (upon further review it appears they had vulnerabilities but didn't ignore them). There are some interesting things you can do related to certain actions such as collecting friends, but it's a more interactive process and not an exponential worm like samy's. Still should be an interesting experiment. Enough fun for the day though - back to work...

By babada on 2005/10/17 at 09:36:52

Haha, yeah, I wasn't a big fan of Brazil either. Shultz had us watching that in class. :P

By Jeremy on 2005/10/17 at 11:10:16


By Jeremy on 2005/10/17 at 11:10:36

That'd be a really weird one to watch in class.

By babada on 2005/10/18 at 10:48:01

The necrophilia (sp?) comment got some interesting responses from the class...

By Jeremy on 2005/10/18 at 11:11:32

I could see that. That whole scene had me scared of what they might do next.