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Pictures from schdav and Catherine's wedding

I finally got around to collecting and doing limited correction (what can be done inside iPhoto) and now they're uploaded. Enjoy the photos.


2007 Bethel Graduation pictures

I mentioned getting pictures up, I never said all at once. First set of pictures, these from my sister's graduation.


The rest of the SLC trip

Yes, I made it back safely, despite my not having posted any more pictures. They are up now though, of our hotel, and Salt Lake City. As we ended up finishing 4 days of training in 2.5 days (going slow, and just chatting a lot), we had some Q&A and general discussion time with one of the developers. We then had a full day off to wander around town, so we got in a few miles of walking and a lot of touristy stuff.


First round from the trip

Today was day 1 of training in Salt Lake City. Apparently we ended up in a group where everyone had programming experience, and that has never happened before, so we ended up going ahead through part of tomorrow's material and still finishing early. We had an hour before the shuttle to the hotel arrived, so Ross and I went and visited Gallivan Center and made a quick walk through Temple Square. I posted some pictures. They were pretty much taken while walking due to the time constraint, and we didn't have time to go into anywhere, so we're hoping to have some time to visit it again later in the week.

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