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Wash is my Copilot

MN Plate with frame - A LEAF ON THE WIND - WASH IS MY 

I saw this Sunday while driving near my house, and thought it was worth sharing.


I'm On Firefly

Tom Smith: I'm On Firefly. As a side note, some readers may appreciate link 049 (in the upper right corner of that page) as well.


River Tam beats up everyone

I'd go see it.

I actually just watched Serenity again this weekend, and also ordered the Collector's Edition DVD (which supposedly shipped early this morning, but which seems questionable to me). Maybe Joss just figured out how to easily push sales, but if there's any possible truth to the rumor that a sequel is tied to the sales of the CE disc...


Full Firefly gagreel/outtakes

So the outtakes video on the last Firefly disc isn't the full thing apparently. In case you're not familiar with the outtakes of this crew, they don't cover up things they can't say on TV in Chinese like in the show (aka lots of swears).

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