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I normally don't post pictures to the front page, but anybody want a pet mouse?

Mouse in garbage can

Some of you probably know the story about the mouse and oreos. Maybe I'll post pictures sometime. This little guy has been living in my house for a few months, living off a stash of oreos he hauled up the stairs one night (discovered by me finding oreo crumbs all over the stairs). I've seen him a few times, but he evaded traps. He's a fat little guy, so he's obviously been well nourished by those oreos. He finally got caught by the biggest trap of them all though. I'm still not quite sure how he got up in there - he must have really been climbing on stuff. So I'll ask again - does anyone want a pet mouse (apparently acrobatic even)? I wonder if Bethel could use another. We've had them visiting the lab before, although those are usually white. I guess if nobody claims him he'll probably end up outside. I don't think he'd last too long out there though, even if he is acrobatic.

By erik on 2004/11/30 at 14:57:35

Ha! Yeah I've been trying to eradicate the small mouse population in and around my house as well. I put out some de-con poison a few days ago, and now they're both completely empty - so I'm guessing that the mouse stuffed his cheeks with the poison and brought it back to the nest to share with his countrymen. What a nice mouse :-)

By amy on 2004/12/01 at 20:45:29

I got a cat that would like your house - I mean mouse. I can drop her off anytime.

By babada on 2004/12/02 at 23:54:16

I vote that you keep feeding him Oreos to see how big you can get it.

By Austin on 2004/12/05 at 19:43:41

I think that Joe could use another one!

By Jeremy on 2004/12/05 at 21:46:22

Yea, the mouse ended up outside after it hadn't moved for a day or so...