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Monday was bad. First, it was a Monday. Lunch was good though, Ross and I went to C1. For some reason the rest of the day just seemed long. Then I went home. At 10:20 or so, the server room called me complaining the power was out. I also got calls from other people asking about it. A few minutes later the server room called again, this time complaining about both the power and the temperature. About 10:50 I called and it had hit 89 degrees in the room, and the power had been out for 30 minutes, so it was time to go in and start shutting stuff down. I met my boss and a network services guy there, and the fun started. 3 of us jammed in a room that has so much stuff it's a pain for one person to move around in, it's dark, there's only the server and switch LEDs and a trouble lamp for light, and it's over 90 degrees, and we're all moving around shutting down and turning off different machines while we get even hotter air blowing at us out the backs of them. And then just as we get everything down, the power kicks back in. So we spent the next hour and a half getting everything back up and fixing some glitches and figuring out what can wait until morning, and then home, which was listed in the previous entry.

Tuesday was better. It was Futurama day, since the Simpsons didn't show up. Still good though. Some goofy issues from the night before, some other things. Little random things pop up... Oh well. After work was good, got dinner with the family at Olive Garden, which is hard to argue with. I'm still debating on the Ogo thing. It's a handy little gadget. The whole doesn't work at work is rather annoying though. They need to put GSM on 850 around here... We'll see, still a few weeks to go...