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Don't think about all those things you fear
Just be glad to be here.

That's FC/Kahuna's Hayling, which is actually sung by Hafdis Huld. There's an interesting music video at the end of Confidence with her, along with one from Zero 7 (Destiny). Zero 7's site sorta reminds me of the Ogo documentation... Anyways, there's also another (just as weird) video of Hayling done by Lynn Fox up on her site. I sorta like the musical style though - I may have to look into more of FC/Kahuna's stuff. Apparently they're supposed to be like Zero 7. They also were the people that started the Big Kahuna Burger club (yes, they got the name from there) in 1995, which inspired Fat Boy Slim. Their whole bio is actually pretty interesting.

Saturday I upgraded SA on my personal server to the latest version. That combined with a few custom rules has dropped the amount of spam I see to almost nothing, which makes me happy. It'd be nice if spammers just went away, but unfortunately I don't see that happening until idiots stop buying stuff from them. Sunday started off with church. Amazingly even though I got lots of sleep and actually wasn't that tired when I got up, sitting down and not moving for an hour really made me tired. The rest of the day sat around catching up on /. and newsgroups some more. Then watched Confidence. Good movie I thought, fits in with the others like it. As you probably noticed already, the soundtrack was more interesting though. BTW, if anyone knows what the 1 minute long clip on the end credits is (after Clocks), I'm wondering. It's not any of the credited songs as far as I can tell. My guess is something for the movie by Beck, but apparently it's not in the official soundtrack, so...

Year after year this always amazes me. How can people completely forget how to drive in the winter over the summer? One day of snowing and it turning wet, another day of it sorta sticking but basically just wet on roadways, and we get that. If the car rolls when you hit the ice, it means you were going too fast on the road. I can't see how people think some country highway is safe to go normal speeds on during or shortly after snowfall... That and the fact most people don't seem to know what to do when they hit ice...

Well, unfortunately I have to work in about 8 hours. So much for the nice long weekend. I guess all good things have to come to an end. I just hope that we don't get roped into too much computer fixing that we shouldn't be doing tomorrow.

By ThePete on 2004/11/29 at 17:47:54

Remember Jeremy, don't think about all those things you feel, just be glad to be here.

By Jeremy on 2007/07/13 at 21:59:41

The clip at the end of the credits is Beck's All About the Money.