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Complicit or Sadistic?

I was researching an issue, and in looking up a netblock found this:

remarks:        *************************************************************
remarks:        *                                                           *
remarks:        *  For issues of abuse related to this IP address block,    *
remarks:        *  including spam, please send email to at <netblock>:      *
remarks:        *                                                           *
remarks:        *       goodnews@<domain>                     *
remarks:        *                                                           *
remarks:        *************************************************************

Since when are abuse reports good news?


Detecting Spam with Genetic Regular Expressions

Detecting Spam with Regular Expressions, posted last week on the SANS site. It's a really interesting read about an idea for detecting spam, although generating the patterns takes a lot of CPU time.

I wonder what adding a new generation on given time intervals (or when x amount of new data is generated) and feeding it the new data each time would do to the reliability of the algorithm. I don't see it in the paper, but the technique seems to work with genetics. Just skimming the example code and ideas without thinking too much about them it appears possible to at least try. I wonder if it'd suffer the same issues a lot of Bayesian implementations do where the quality of filtering goes down. Filtering new input by similarity to existing data (or by similarity to the opposite data set) might be helpful. Anyone want to experiment and post the results?


A disconcerting trend

Junk mail by week

This was the first week of school, but for comparison legitimate mail rose maybe 10% W-F and 20% over the weekend. I was thinking it was getting bad the week before. Hopefully it was just compromised machines again being online, and it'll go down and they get cut off and cleaned.


Busy weekend for spammers

Graph of spam traffic over the previous 72 hours

Apparently they tried a few bigger runs this weekend. At least the BLs stopped them quickly.


Spammers and their netblocks

Over the past week I've noticed several spam runs coming from what appear to be entire /24 netblocks dedicated to spamming. I figured that wouldn't last long or would drop to a few and they'd be on blacklists, but apparently they're not getting cut off/caught fast enough. Fortunately they're all the format randomword1.newdomain.tld with the ip x.y.z.1 (where 1 ranges from 1-255). The following does wonders for filtering them (drop-in for barracudas). Hope someone else finds it useful.

^Received: from (\w+(\d+)\.\w+\.\w+) \(\1 \[\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\2\]\)

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