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Cheap GPS

My first thought on seeing Monday's XKCD was that would likely be an interesting twist on geocaching or location-based games.

By jeff on 2008/04/08 at 08:29:14

A friend's dad told me once that they used to play a game like that but using radio. One car would take this antenna type thing (described as a loop) and the other car would have a detector that would get a higher pitch when it was aimed in the right direction. That would be a fun game even today.

By Jeremy on 2008/04/08 at 08:52:30

Yea, fox hunting. You should get your amateur radio license.

By jeff on 2008/04/08 at 11:52:13

That sounds like a blast. Have you ever done it? Is it as fun as it sounds?

By Jeremy on 2008/04/08 at 18:42:24

I haven't. I should look for an event and let you know.

By babada on 2008/04/10 at 10:40:07

Speaking of geocaching... I have started letterboxing, which is somewhat similar. It is a lot of fun. :)

By Jeremy on 2008/04/10 at 18:17:20

Yea, I saw that on stalkerbook. I meant to ask what you thought of it, but I guess I know now.

By babada on 2008/04/15 at 15:20:11

I have a friend here who is really into it, so we go exploring together. It works well. :)