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Get Perpendicular

I stumbled across this video from Hitachi about perpendicular magnetic storage. I remember seeing it a year or two back when their implementation was new, but apparently never posted it then for some reason. I kinda think platters should now be called data dance floors.


Your video has exploded

Apparently I broke Animoto. Maybe it has something about the 8 videos with nearly a thousand photos sent their way the past 3 hours. Oops.

Screenshot: Animoto: Your video has 

Picking a different song seems to have let this one render. Now just to convert to a DVD for a loop at my sister's graduation open house...


A trip experiment

I took a photo trip today, and assembled 985 of the photos into a video (warning - 24MB). This part of the trip was a bit of an experiment based on a recent idea. I initially planned for a shot every 12 seconds. Unfortunately due to using a pot rather than fixed resistors, it not staying on the breadboard on its own, and not wanting to spend the time to tweak it properly while securing it, the time was significantly longer. First discovery is I realized that I need a smaller interval between photos. Five seconds would probably be better, although if the road was more visible, it may not be as bad. Second is the mount needs to be taller — I unfortunately neglected to take the wiper into account. The actual mount could have gone high enough to avoid it, but the means of keeping the camera from rotating could not. I need to devise a new way to keep it from rotating. I have an idea, but the initial 20 minutes and $2 at Home Depot for the camera mounting hardware didn't allow for that. I may have to invest another 20 and $5 now that I know the concept works.

Based on the video, can anyone say where I went? And if so, did you have to step through? Note, enlarging it just makes it seem more jumpy rather than helping - the 720p version is annoying to watch.

I'll be posting a link to another video soon too, that one a bit more fun to watch. I need to get some decent-looking versions that are less than 80MB first though. Video codecs don't deal well with every frame having significant differences, and Quicktime doesn't even seem to really try with nonstandard settings. :(


Vista Security

New Apple GetAMac Ad about Vista Security. "You are coming to a sad realization, cancel or allow?" The unfortunate part is the people it's there to protect see it as just as ridiculous, and it will just get them in the habit of clicking ok/allow/yes to things.


Charlie Brown and Scrubs

So I'm a bit behind and this is sorta old, but Charlie Brown Christmas - Performed by the Cast of Scrubs.

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