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Get Perpendicular

I stumbled across this video from Hitachi about perpendicular magnetic storage. I remember seeing it a year or two back when their implementation was new, but apparently never posted it then for some reason. I kinda think platters should now be called data dance floors.

By JoeBuck on 2008/08/10 at 23:48:15

I love that video, so great. Nice post.

By babada on 2008/09/09 at 16:39:24

Hmm... what happened to the RSS feed?

By Jeremy on 2008/09/09 at 20:56:35

Nothing, as far as I know. What are you seeing?

By babada on 2008/09/12 at 12:11:04

Nothing, it says no articles. I am using this link:

By Jeremy on 2008/09/12 at 20:11:35

To be expected. My rss feeds don't show anything older than a week or two (depending on the feed). May as well keep the file smaller if there's no new data.

By babada on 2008/09/15 at 18:02:35

Oh, okay. I just assumed I was missing something, but the truth is you haven't done anything in awhile. (I suppose next time I should check the date of your most recent post... :P )