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Wired News: Will Digital Cinema Can Pirates?
"Digital projectors can't stop people from recording movies, but they can allow studios to trace every illegal copy back to the specific time and theater where it was recorded."
Internet Archive: Moving Image Archive
Not new, but good. Over 26,000 movies available for free
Pursuing the Scarcer Moviegoers - New York Times
More on blocking cell phones in theaters. Also on age restrictions (I'd be up for that, not enough theaters with that but general audience movies), advertisements, and ticket prices.
Movie theaters to block cell phones?
Probably not a good idea. I still think the way to go is microcells that allow only text messages and other paging channel stuff and emergency mode (911) communication. Requires cooperation with the carriers though.
Carmike Cinemas plans massive digital rollout
Installing Christie/AIX digital projection units at its screens (around 2300) within 2 years. They also hope to be able to target live concerts and meetings and stuff due to the digital movie distribution network.
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