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Least Privilege to User Accounts on Windows XP
"This technical white paper describes the least-privileged user account approach and provides information on related tools and resources."
Another WMF exploit workaround
Furthermore you can explicitly configure permissions to deny & log read/exec access to shimgvw.dll system wide or on per application basis. This is functionally equivalent to Microsoft's suggested workaround of unregistering the DLL but the advantage is t
SANS - New exploit released for the WMF vulnerability
# random size; # no .wmf extension, (.jpg), but could be any other image extension actually; # a random piece of junk in front of the bad call; carefully crafted to be larger than the MTU on an ethernet network; # a number of possible calls to run the
More on WMF exploitation - - Analyst's Diary
"We have received multiple reports from the Netherlands about an IM-Worm which spreads via MSN using..."
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