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High Latency

I was pulling up some maps online as we drove along a park road, and noticed some of the map tiles were not loading. In doing some testing, I found the problem.

Over 100s latency

Yes, that's over a minute and a half for a ping to be returned. The amazing part is most are still making the round trip. I was seeing over 30 seconds with no loss a little earlier too.

By bleaus on 2008/07/02 at 23:04:04

You sure rock it out on vacation!

By Brent Nordquist on 2008/07/03 at 09:19:44

Wow. What this reminds me of are the Internet <=> packet radio gateways that some hams maintain. Some paths really do take a long time. :-)

By Jeremy on 2008/07/03 at 14:04:55

That seems really risky these days with all the encryption silently included in pages. I guess one could block 443 and hope nobody is using client-side rather than a secure channel. It'd be really cool to see some changes on the rules to allow encryption provided it's only for individual use (which I guess would be hard to audit, which is probably partially why that's still there).

By Jeremy on 2008/07/12 at 00:01:55

And this is what we call the link ensuring in-order packet delivery. Those all came through in about a second, but all nice and in the right order despite them being sent over nearly 30 seconds.