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The units in which gasoline is sold

Today's FoxTrot reminded me of a remark I made a couple weeks ago at work. Somehow the discussion had gotten onto the gas pumps that needed upgrades to go past $1.99/gal and now can't go above $3.99/gal. I said the simple solution is just to make the long overdue switch to selling gasoline by the liter. Unfortunately even within that limited group there were still people who didn't like the idea. :( Maybe the centi-hogshead would be a more agreeable measure of gasoline for the metric holdouts?

By 10lees on 2008/06/22 at 22:01:39

hehe, i found that foxtrot amusing too! i wonder how long it is until congress tries something like that...

By jeff on 2008/06/23 at 08:10:25

My my vote is to just get rid of the pumps that can't go up that high. Those are also the ones that don't do pay at the pump. If you don't have PatP, I don't buy gas from you.

By Jeremy on 2008/06/23 at 23:56:35

Agreed. More convenient, especially now that most stations are pre-pay inside or card at the pump only. One trip inside was bad enough, I'm not going to do two.

By babada on 2008/06/26 at 17:11:08

Hey, Mooney, do you mind if I pick your brain with a problem I am having with PHP and MySQL? If not, that is totally cool.

By Jeremy on 2008/06/26 at 17:23:24

I sent you an email.