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Lunar Eclipse

Moon during eclipse

I took some photos during last week's lunar eclipse.

By Brent Nordquist on 2008/02/26 at 06:12:38

Nice! All our kids clustered around the patio door and got to see it; they have a little telescope they were able to make work, as well as my 7x50 (light-gathering) binoculars.

The latest version of Celestia actually has an eclipse-tracking feature, so you can go back and replay the event in time. (You don't get the reddish color.) I love flying around in Celestia.

By Mike on 2008/02/26 at 08:27:40

Very cool, thanks for posting the pics. I'm assuming the two other bright spots are planets?

By Jeremy on 2008/02/26 at 11:53:36

The one on the left would be Saturn, but I think the other one is Regulus.