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Least corrupt?

So I'm glancing through the sorta news and reading the stats. First one that hits me is that Minnesota's government is ranked "seventh least corrupt". I find the implied expected corruptness interesting. Apparently we're also 3rd ranked third in overall government performance. That third place is a B- (tied with 6 other states). The kicker is "Highest marks were for money management." Yea... Apparently we're first in percent of people getting colon inspections though, which may or may not be related to being the healthiest state on average.

By Hannah on 2006/01/01 at 13:25:52

Have you always had that flarbes quote there or did I just notice it? Priceless.

By Jeremy on 2006/01/01 at 13:31:03

The secret agent one? Its last modified timestamp is September 2002, but I think that may be when I put them all in the current database.