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A week away from work

Actually this will cover close to two weeks. I should probably post this stuff more often but shorter. At least I'm posting stuff though I guess. Last week was the last work week of the year. Unfortunately that doesn't exactly mean the last actual work of the year, but good enough. At least it was a 3 day week for me. A lot of the staff and the most dedicated (nerdy?) student workers were all there which was good times. By the last day I was wanting to just get out of there, as the alternative was to start something that I wouldn't finish. I have many of those to choose from. Maybe next week will be headphones and closed door time.

Christmas Eve was with one side of the family. It went well and was fun, although I did end up pulling out the laptop after the pocketpc battery was too low for wireless (it wasn't all me - it was playing video clips for people most of the evening). Headed home late only to come back for an early 8am morning. Which reminds me, I like driving in the midnight-4am timeframe. Not much traffic, the lights usually work out pretty well, and there usually aren't too many drunks out.

Christmas was back to the parents to road trip for the other side of the family. Unfortunately as we were leaving I get a phone call from the server room complaining it's too hot. Fortunately for me I was on my way out of town and not the primary person on call anyways. Then google apparently can't tell the difference between SW and SE on an address in Willmar and silently swaps them, so we missed church trying to find it (SE put it between two houses on adjacent lots). Another long day but it went well. Got home I think around 3am.

The day after Christmas the parents rounded up the family again, and we finally ended up picking out our combined donation. Then the parents cheated and gave us gifts anyways, but I'm not gonna complain too much. At least this year it wasn't 1am before we started opening gifts. Eventually my dad ended up discovering I had Serenity in my bag and we watched that. Great movie and I would rather watch it than not, but that plus the deleted scenes plus outtakes meant I got home at 3:30 again. BTW though, that crew has great outtakes. They screw up and keep going but in some odd direction.

Wednesday I ended up having to work some. For what it was it was better than not working, but still it was right in the middle of my week off... Thursday night was Serenity movie night, and JoeBuck and the Walls were there. schdav showed up long enough to plan the New Years party, but didn't watch the movie if you're the person who cares about that. If you don't know about the party though, ask the Walls.

And that's my life. Sounds like tomorrow may be a movie with the family before the party. Should be a good one.

By Hannah on 2005/12/31 at 13:47:55

I'm going to take the nerd comment as a direct insult. That was low. Low, I tell you.

By Jeremy on 2005/12/31 at 14:44:37

I actually was thinking of the 1st floor students when I wrote that. But I'll also back it up by saying I think you're in denial. :)

By BGerdin on 2006/01/01 at 02:55:47

Thanks Mooney. I think?!?