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When you don't return a recalled battery

Expanded battery cells Some of you may remember the recall on the first MacBook Pro batteries. Apple sent replacement, and asked that the initial batteries be returned for proper recycling. However sometimes things get misplaced, and a random battery box is discovered in a storage cabinet a couple years later. Opening the box resulted in a bit of a surprise, and I'm glad I stopped using that one.. I borrowed the battery to take some photos.


Macbook Air v. others

When the Air was announced, I was one of the people who wondered if we were back in 1998. I actually pulled the Sojourn out of the closet at home to measure it (without the media slice of course). Last week I saw this video which made me laugh. There are several variations if you look at the related videos as well.

While I still haven't actually pulled out my old phone to take pictures (my 1998 cell phone is smaller than my 2008 one, and I grabbed the 1998 one from my parents' place in December intending to take photos), this comparison apparently motivated me more. I borrowed a MacBook Air and brought a Sojourn and my camera and took some comparison photos. Unfortunately I did it on a table in a somewhat small space and not-so-great lighting, but the comparisons can be seen. While the Air is definitely thinner, both closed and open it appears to take a bit more space. MacBook Air vs HP Sojourn photos


Vista Security

New Apple GetAMac Ad about Vista Security. "You are coming to a sad realization, cancel or allow?" The unfortunate part is the people it's there to protect see it as just as ridiculous, and it will just get them in the habit of clicking ok/allow/yes to things.


Apple 8086

As pointed out by JL!, this is unlikely, to the point of being slightly disconcerting. As you've probably heard today Apple announced iMacs and MacBook Pros, their first models running on Intel CPUs. Today their stock closed at $80.86.

AAPL, 80.86 +4.81 (6.32%)
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