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Get Perpendicular

I stumbled across this video from Hitachi about perpendicular magnetic storage. I remember seeing it a year or two back when their implementation was new, but apparently never posted it then for some reason. I kinda think platters should now be called data dance floors.


Paper towel dispensers

Please pull paper towel with two hands straight down.  We can't... It's stuck up in there!A while ago motion-sensor paper towel dispensers were installed, and many people were frustrated as they didn't dispense nearly enough towel to get one's hands dry. People would wait out the delay and get multiple sheets. Apparently enough people complained, because about a week ago the electronic guts were replaced with manual ones. However people pulled towels to the side, resulting in needing to open the thing up to manually re-feed it to acquire towels. The next day, the paper signs pictured to the right appeared. Of course people didn't read it until after they got half a towel and jammed it, so the next day someone added the second part of the note. That was about a week ago. This morning I noticed someone added "That's what she said". The sign was gone after lunch.


Remote Controls and Airplanes

I was reading an article about remote control toys being searched at airports, and something near the end stuck out a bit. Specifically, the new scrutiny will not extend to devices that automatically open car doors or to television remote controls.

My first thought was wondering why someone would bring a television remote control in carry-on luggage? My second thought was these. Does this mean the TSA now encourages pranks in airports?


Dangerous actions

For those who don't read wootblog (and I guess for those who do, as this is somewhat funnier out of its context).


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