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Wildly Cherry M&Ms

Bag of Wildly Cherry M&Ms

A few are OK, but I'm not a fan.

By Hannah on 2008/02/20 at 00:49:13

I saw these at Target the other day. Gross!

By Mike on 2008/02/20 at 08:58:52

You gonna bring them in for hallway taste testing?

By Mike on 2008/02/21 at 08:30:37

After Jeremy brought them in for the taste test (Thanks btw), I'd agree with his assessment. The first 5-6 are decent, then not so much.

By Jeremy on 2008/02/21 at 08:58:05

That seems to be the opinion of most people that tried them at work yesterday.

By 10lees on 2008/02/24 at 21:50:15

I just saw these today at Target and was momentarily tempted, thanks for your assessment!

Oh - and PS the person dressed as the statue of liberty was probably for liberty tax services, i've driven past one a few times and they have people standing out front in cheap costumes...

By Jeremy on 2008/02/25 at 20:06:57

That would make sense given the locations I've heard of people seeing them. Although apparently it's not too effective as several people have said they've noticed them, but none knew why. There was even a discussion about it being a protest/awareness promotion of some sort.

By donna on 2008/07/07 at 15:43:34

Cherry M&Ms are awsome. If you don't believe people actually like the experiment just try to find them.