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Rollerblade speed record?

A rollerblader hitched a ride from a car at 50mph. They seem to think it's odd that he was able to hold on. Holding on at 50 doesn't seem so amazing, but that must have been hard on the knees... Although they must have amazingly smooth roads if the small wheels on the blades handled that. The wire article seems to indicate he was tailing it, I'm thinking it may be more likely he was actually riding.

By jeff on 2006/07/11 at 08:16:33

Ah, a little more modern "Marty McFly"-ing behind a car. I'm surprised he didn't meltdown his bearings though.

By Jeremy on 2006/07/11 at 18:54:09

Yea, I didn't even think of that. I was thinking more the little wheels and bumps and potholes not getting along. I can't imagine the bearings are rated for even half that speed for any length of time.

By thomas on 2008/09/11 at 04:46:45

I just got 42km/h on flat ground ( down the middle of the road ) with no wind ,, just tryed out a gps
i know down hill i been twice that fast , gets scary when ya going so fast ya got no stabilitly to try slow down tho , the longer wheel base are definatlly

By JoeBuck on 2006/07/11 at 17:34:42

I agree with Jeff, that must've been way outside of spec for the bearings/wheels.

By rick on 2007/05/21 at 23:35:36

comon. what do you people know about bearing specifications?? really. lol! ive heard accounts of skaters reaching in excess of 75 mph downhill..
me and 2 buddies passed traffic in a 55 zone a couple years ago, coming down richford hill en route from binghamton ny to ithaca ny.
we had no idea how long or steep the hill was before we got there, but when the three of us passed a subaru on the right, looking like a bobsled team, we knew we were hauling.

By jeff on 2007/05/22 at 08:06:14

Perhaps the subby was going quite a bit slower than the posted 55 mph. The world record is currently 63 MPH and that was on specialized skates (not consumer gear) with a downhill suit. The article can be found by clicking my name. It is the website for the company that makes the specialized gear, founded by the record holder.

By Jeremy on 2007/05/22 at 08:48:57

I was thinking the same thing. And note the record holder has poles for acceleration. I'm guessing using one's feet to accelerate at that speed has quickly diminishing returns. Anyone want to calculate the max speed achievable by only gravity down a steep street?

By bryan on 2007/10/16 at 15:32:56

my cousin was pulled behind a pick up truck on roller blades at 56 mph and then let go

By scare on 2008/10/30 at 13:17:00

look guys im not bragging but like kid rock says its not bragging when u back it up.i live in mission b.c.and i am a freek on blades,like i go every where on them and im ronning stock k2. and have bing clocked well over 80clicks on manny occations.what i need to know is how fast is the fastest and what r the rules like me and my bro ,a true road dog trip says he can get his crotchrocket well over 200 now with me on the back what would make it a justifide speed record.cause yes i will own it .pease out larry demchuk

By Jeremy Myers on 2009/12/31 at 16:03:50

So another Jeremy crazy like me to hit speeds like that on skates. I used to inline speed skate. Always search the best hills to downhill. Don't know what my record speed is. But calculated my time with distance down one hill in Aliso VIejo, California. Had an average speed of 43 mph so must of exceeded 50mph. Had brake pad on my skates and it was all new. By time I came to a stop the pad was totally warm out.

You'd be surprised what those wheels go over at such high speeds.

By Jon on 2010/01/19 at 02:22:30

pulled my friend going 80 MPH holding on to my STI, got it on cell phone video

By Nobull on 2010/06/07 at 23:46:28

I have done about 60-65 mph on the freeway bike lane on the 52 fwy in San Diego (about 3 miles downhill) with no brakes! I was almost keeping up with traffic, but you know they go about 75+ mph. I have also done about 50+ miles holding onto a car, but crashed and broke my collar bone! I thought I was a little crazy, but I feel better after hearing some of these stories!