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Jake's no more

So today I was driving past Jake's in Mounds View, which I hadn't been by since lunch earlier this month, and noticed that the sign is down and it said something about opening mid-June. Looks like it's changing names/owners (7C). It'll be interesting to see if the new place is similar. It was a nice place to get a good burger over lunch without coming back to work spelling of smoke, as they had isolated the bar from the restaurant area.

By Lo on 2006/06/05 at 15:21:15

What about the one out on County Rd. D and 35W? Is the whole chain going under or just that one?

I agree that was a great little restaurant. We used to go to the one on County Rd D and 35 after work sometimes for happy hour. It was fun to head to the one in Moundsview before/after a movie and grab a burger or breaded mushrooms. Sad.

By Jeremy on 2006/06/05 at 15:47:21

I'm not sure as I haven't driven by that one recently. The site didn't have any changes when I looked before though, and now the Moundsview and Crystal ones appear to be half-removed, so that's a good sign.

By Jeremy on 2006/06/06 at 18:47:55

I drove by yesterday just to confirm since it's on the way home, and that one does appear to still be open.

By jeff on 2006/06/06 at 23:48:49

I also drove by it last night and it is indeed still open as JMo stated. So in other words... ditto.