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What they don't want you to know about Bethel?

Did you know? 3.7% of Bethel MN reads The Bible

I happened to log in and notice they had a stats feature. Figured that could be interesting, so went there. The bottom stat says it all. The OC one is almost as high... The other two sorta fit in there well too.

By Jeremy on 2005/12/21 at 17:15:49

Yea, so I apparently broke comments. Should be working now.

By JoeBuck on 2005/12/21 at 17:17:34

I think the problem is apparent. Students are spending too much time posing for photos and poking each other....<snicker> read the bible or comtemplate the greatness that is the OC and the many ways in which it dominates sportscenter.
Youth is wasted on the young.....