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OK, so at any given time this page is likely way out of date, but oh well - I'll try to update at least once a year.

I work at Bethel University in Information Technology Services as an Operating Systems Analyst (sysadmin). I end up dealing with a lot of day-to-day requests, but try to focus on streamlining and automating as much as possible. Not only does it help keep us sane, it means faster and more consistent service to users. There's always plenty of challenge in figuring out how to integrate new systems and exactly how many crazy hacks need to be put in place to get it working correctly.

I graduated in May 2003 with a BS in Computer Science from Bethel, which is also where I have worked full time since March 2001.

Outside of work, I spend a ridiculous amount of time on the computer, listen to music, and try to fit some movie watching in there too. As such I've built up a system on which to watch movies that makes me want to wait for the DVD rather than bother with theaters. So film may be a bit better resolution than DVD, but not enough to bother with the cost, poor seating, and theater talkers. Theater sound often isn't that great either. As for music, my tastes are somewhat odd but wide (as long as it's not sad-bastard music, aka emo), and poor quality recording is as much reason to not listen as the type of music.

As usual, more to be added later as I get the time/inclination...

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