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One Man...

Free at last, they took your life / They could not take your pride. - U2 - Pride

And may your dreams / Be realized. - U2 - MLK


Hot Water Thrown Into Cold Air

You've probably seen many videos of this, but I thought I'd add another taken at a higher speed and played back slowly. Perhaps next time I'll have acquired a good high speed flash for the SLR.

A longer clip at a bit faster speed is also available.


Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a great Christmas.



Many (all?) of you probably remember this bacon-based food product article making its way around the Internet a couple weeks ago. At the annual Chrismukkah party, Betsy decided to make it for all to enjoy. Krujos provided some photo documentation of the weave, the initial roll, and it ready to serve. It's amazingly great. You should definitely try it sometime.


Battle Alert Notification

Sometimes computer-transcribed voicemail messages can be rather entertaining. My employer did a test of their emergency alert system this morning.

Hello, Basil University students and employees. This is the office of communications and marketing with the test of the (battle?) alert notification system.


Get Perpendicular

I stumbled across this video from Hitachi about perpendicular magnetic storage. I remember seeing it a year or two back when their implementation was new, but apparently never posted it then for some reason. I kinda think platters should now be called data dance floors.


Happy Independence Day

Hope everyone (at least those in the US) is having a fun and relaxing day. For an interesting country-related read, check out Washington's Farewell Address from 1796. There's a bit of a summary on Wikipedia too if you aren't up to reading the whole thing.


High Latency

I was pulling up some maps online as we drove along a park road, and noticed some of the map tiles were not loading. In doing some testing, I found the problem.

Over 100s latency

Yes, that's over a minute and a half for a ping to be returned. The amazing part is most are still making the round trip. I was seeing over 30 seconds with no loss a little earlier too.


The units in which gasoline is sold

Today's FoxTrot reminded me of a remark I made a couple weeks ago at work. Somehow the discussion had gotten onto the gas pumps that needed upgrades to go past $1.99/gal and now can't go above $3.99/gal. I said the simple solution is just to make the long overdue switch to selling gasoline by the liter. Unfortunately even within that limited group there were still people who didn't like the idea. :( Maybe the centi-hogshead would be a more agreeable measure of gasoline for the metric holdouts?


When you don't return a recalled battery

Expanded battery cells Some of you may remember the recall on the first MacBook Pro batteries. Apple sent replacement, and asked that the initial batteries be returned for proper recycling. However sometimes things get misplaced, and a random battery box is discovered in a storage cabinet a couple years later. Opening the box resulted in a bit of a surprise, and I'm glad I stopped using that one.. I borrowed the battery to take some photos.

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