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Initiate sbemail refresh daemon

Email can be annoying. Today apparently an email sent to 5 AOL members and marked as spam by one of them (which I didn't receive the scomp copy of until the issue was resolved) was enough to push one of the mail servers at work over to getting 421 tempfails from AOL's servers due to "[spam] complaints and/or high volumes of e-mail." Yea, it's wonderfully vague. It's amazing how much mail builds up to them in just a couple hours from a general (non-geek) population, and how much people expect email to be instant. Of course 10 minutes after I change the mail routing tables and forced a queue run to push the queued mail to a different server that isn't blocking mail, I notice a message to one of their alias domains go through. Figures. Yet another reason that spam (and the fighting thereof) is annoying...

On the good side, I did get a lot of old accounts that were just throwing mail around before waiting 5 days and bouncing it cleaned up. Over the past week I've changed them to do recipient checking at SMTP time, and after some log testing to also do sender checking. My mail queues are getting pretty clean now.