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One Man...

Free at last, they took your life / They could not take your pride. - U2 - Pride

And may your dreams / Be realized. - U2 - MLK


U2 Concerts

I saw this, and it inspired me to want to listen to a U2 concert. So out came the go Home disc, a recording of the second big concert 20 years after their first Slane Castle concert. Seriously, how many bands can draw a crowd of 80,000 people at a venue they where they had a concert only one week prior? Anyways, lacking DVD-A or SACD, it's hard to beat a well done 5.1 channel DTS mix. I'm the type of person who'd much rather sit on the couch and listen to a good recording of a concert than have to go to one, so the experience is hard to beat. Unfortunately I've had this disc for almost 3 years, and haven't listened to it nearly often enough. If any U2 fans ever want to listen to it (or watch it), as far as I'm concerned it's fair game for a movie night.


Sunday Bloody Sunday by Bush

Not sure how I missed this before, but I thought this was rather funny. Someone had way too much time on their hands to piece it together.