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Get Perpendicular

I stumbled across this video from Hitachi about perpendicular magnetic storage. I remember seeing it a year or two back when their implementation was new, but apparently never posted it then for some reason. I kinda think platters should now be called data dance floors.


25 drives in 2U

HP MSA70 SAS enclosure

That's 25 146G 2.5" 10k SAS drives, or 3.6TB raw. The thing is somewhat an oversized holder for the drives too, with one layer up front going back maybe 6" and then just power, fans, and interface behind for another foot or so. The drives only list 5W on 5V and 3.6W on 12V, so it's pretty reasonable on power too.

Seagate ST9146802SS 10K 146G 2.5" SAS drive