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Bethel Commons construction captures

I posted links to web versions of the timelapse videos on Twitter recently, mentioning I'd eventually post the real versions (that don't look horrible from compression, but are also several hundred MB each). I did get them online recently, but never really publicized the links. I now have a page online linking most of my Brushaber Commons construction captures (photos and videos). Enjoy.


Lissner Hall Construction

It's a timelapse of one photo per day from 6:35am on August 30, 2004 through 11:23am on June 16, 2005 (when the camera went away). Time shifts by one minute per day to simulate building through a day, but the camera's automatic brightness/contrast adjustments sorta ruin the effect. Runtime is 4:49.

Large (704x480, 20.6MB) and Small (352x240, 6.3MB).